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About Us

About Us

Do All Trucking understands the demands and requirements for flatbed hauling and shipping. Our flatbed trucking service is your shipping solution for all sizes of freight. Our staff will determine the right flatbed for your freight and move it safely to its destination.

There are many flatbed trucking companies and it can be difficult to identify the best one for your hauling needs. We will do our best to exceed your expectations by providing a professional and courtesy service to move your freight anywhere in the continental US. Whenever you need a team that cares about your flatbed freight you should choose us.


Flatbed Trucking for Freight Shipping

Let Do All Trucking create the most value for your LTL or truckload transportation needs.


Flatbed freight shipping is a vital service to the transportation industry. Everyday tons of products, machinery and equipment is shipped in the U.S. on flatbed trucks. Our flatbed freight transport offers the amplitude for pop-up, surge, inter modal, and dedicated services, regardless of industry.


Truckload: Truckload freight shipments typically occupy more than half or the full capacity of a 48′-53′ trailer. This method is generally used when clients have enough items to fill an entire trailer, their freight is schedule-sensitive, or need their cargo in a trailer by itself. 


Less Than Truckload: Less-than-truckload freight shipments typically occupy less than half of a 48′-53′ trailer. When you book a partial truckload, you split the cost of a truck with other shippers – saving you money.

Flatbed Trailer Equipment

Most all flatbed shipping is different. Depending on your shipment, flatbed trucking may not be your best option. Get customized solutions to fit your exact needs with our multiple truck configurations:


  • Step Deck or Drop Deck – Very similar to a standard flatbed trailer. It features a lower deck that allows hauling of taller items up to 10 ft.

  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) – A specialized lowered flatbed trailer commonly used to haul loads up to 12 feet tall. RGNs are generally used for hauling heavy machinery like industrial equipment.

  • Flatbed Hotshot – Hotshot trailers are utilized for shipping freight products that need expedited shipping. Commonly, flatbed hotshot trailers can haul between 12 and 20,000 lbs.

  • Double Drop – Commonly used for oversized freight taller than 10 feet. It is designed with a middle well that drops between the front and rear trailer axles, with space ranging from 25 to 29 feet.

  • Extendable Flatbed – Also known as flatbed stretch trailer is ideal for freight that is too long for transporting on a standard flatbed trailer.

  • Conestoga – Conestoga trailers come with a rolling tarp system that is used to cover and uncover the trailer and gives protection to the freight.


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